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Bar caddies  & Salt Rimmer

Bar caddies are an essential bar supply for organizational, cleanliness, and production purposes. For a bartender, quick and easy access to the components that makes for a fast and efficient drink service is vital. A napkin caddy conveniently sits on the bar top or in the bar rail, keeping napkins, straws, stirrers, and cocktail picks easily accessible and organized for the fast paced bartender. Bar condiment holders or garnish centers will keep your fruits and other garnishes sanitary, convenient and fresh when set up at your service well. We offer many sizes, styles and colors of all of our bar caddies. Including our glass rimmer caddies that are perfect in keeping a clean bar top, especially for those bars who pride themselves in their signature margaritas. Mix and match all bar garnish trays and caddies to compliment your bars theme.

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