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  • Beer Tower sb46062

Beer Tower sb46062

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Beer Tower sb46062

This 3 Tier 7.5 Liter Beverage Dispenser is ideal to have on hand for self-serve convenience at your restaurant / bar that hosts VIP events or private parties. Measuring 20” in height and with a 7” diameter, this drink dispenser features three separate chambers, each capable of holding nearly a gallon worth of liquid and featuring its own individual tap. Underneath those chambers, there is an additional compartment as well that can be used for a functional purposes such a ice, fruit or for an aesthetic purpose such as flowers or any number of other knick knacks. When used for ice, it serves as a wonderful way to not only keep drinks cold, but fresh as well. What’s more, this durable, yet lightweight 2 gallon capacity dispenser is ideal for repetitive use, evident by its heavy duty, BPA free polycarbonate construction with a crystal clear, hand wash only acrylic finish. And when the party’s over, clean up is a piece of cake thanks to its easily separated layers that stack and unstuck with ease.


3 separate chambers with their own individual taps

Securely stacks on top of one another creating a tower effect

Holds up to 7.5 Liters

Made from a durable BPA free polycarbonate

Measures: 20" Height x 7" diameter

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